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The Sacred Evolution

of Chocolate

Portland Chocolate Laboratory is located inside Milieu Collective located at 7836 SE 13th Portland, Or 97202.


Chocolate has evolved. We make chocolate that electrifies your senses and connects deeply with your soul. The natural herbs we blend into our chocolate elevates it, taking on a sacred evolution. Come into our Portland chocolate shop to experience it firsthand or buy online.

Our Chocolate

Is a sacred union

of the senses:

It unifies body and spirit. Grounding you in your senses while elevating your spirit through the tasting experience.

Blends healing herbs with quality cacao from

around the globe

We get our cacao from the source and have watched and participated in the process of fermentation and drying of the cacao beans.

Creates an experience beyond taste

Taste is just one component of our experience. When committing to our chocolate experience, you go deeper.

Supports small,

family-owned farms

From the cacao to the herbs, we always seek out family-owned farms to work with. 

Is hand-blended by chocolate alchemists in Portland, OR

Our chocolate alchemists have worked tirelessly for years to blend together the perfect balance of ingredients.

Our chocolate shop in Portland promotes an environment for the perfect chocolate experience.


When you come in, you’re doing more than tasting chocolate.

You’re experiencing chocolate through all of your senses. You’ll learn about where chocolate comes from, how certain herbs blend with chocolate and promote healing in the body and spirit, and much more.

Our Chocolate


Whether you’re new to meditation, or you’re

simply looking to add variety to your mindfulness

practice, chocolate meditation is one of the most

delightful and delicious forms of meditation.

Chocolate meditation may sound like a

self-indulgent practice, but it serves a

deeper purpose.

About Us

We started this journey in 2013. We had an idea about making a chocolate box that was also a chocolate meditation. Four chocolate alchemists worked out the recipes over 5 years until it was just right. In 2018 Kian and Ayomide opened up Portland Chocolate Laboratory and Milieu Collective. They filled the space with other makers and the business thrived. 

With the support of their many fans and the Sellwood neighborhood, it has become a successful endeavor. 


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There’s something about chocolate that feels and tastes like a Marriage of Heaven & Earth: The nutrient-rich mud of sweet terra firma meets the high heavenly flavor of Love, which alchemizes on the tongue & sends terrific waves of bliss upward to the brain, downward to the gut, and outward to the surface of the skin. Chocolate tastes like a holy confection – a sacred sacrament. And indeed, that’s how it’s been used historically.

- Lauel Airica -

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TEL: 503-387-7009


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