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Sleep Butter 

A Spoonful of Sleepiness

A spoonful of Sleep Butter can help you fall

asleep and sleep soundly through the night.

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Moon Chocolate

Seed Cycling Balancing Chocolate

Many women are finding that seed cycling

can do wonders for their bodies. Each box of Moon Chocolates contains 28 chocolates, one for each day of your moon cycle. 



We started this journey in 2013. We had an idea about making a chocolate box that was also a chocolate meditation. Four chocolate alchemists worked out the recipes over 5 years until it was just right. In 2018 Kian and Ayomide opened up Portland Chocolate Laboratory inside Milieu Collective. 

With the support of their many fans and the Sellwood neighborhood it has become a successful endeavor. 


We invite you to delve deep into this sacred relationship with Chocolate and grab a box. 

There’s something about chocolate that feels and tastes like a Marriage of Heaven & Earth: 

The nutrient-rich mud of sweet terra firma meets the high heavenly flavor of Love, 

which alchemizes on the tongue & sends terrific waves of bliss 

upward to the brain, downward to the gut, and outward to the surface of the skin. 

Chocolate tastes like a holy confection – a sacred sacrament. And indeed, that’s how it’s been used historically... 

 Lauel Airica

Root Chakra Chocolate Chakralot
A Sacred union of the senses

our cacao beans


We get our cacao from the source and have watched and participated in the process of fermentation and drying of the cacao beans. We are very grateful for the opportunity to offer our customers the highest quality cacao. 

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